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3. A reaction when no observable change was observed just means that when the reaction occurred there was no noticeable change which means there was not a visible change in color, no formation of a precipitate, no effervescence, or a temperature change. While in an acid-base reaction there is also no observable change during the reaction, but when some of the solution is placed on pH indicator paper the pH of the solution has changed. Therefore, the main difference between acid-base reactions and a reaction in which no observable change is observed is that despite the lack of a noticeable change in an acid-base
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Unformatted text preview: reaction the level of the pH changes. 4. All of the reactions with zinc had no observable reaction except when the zinc was placed in solution with barium dichloride. When this reaction occurred the only noticeable change was the change in color because the solution went from clear purple to clear green. Zn + BaCl 2 ZnBaCl 2 This reaction would be expected to take place because barium dichloride is an ionic solution. The barium is the metal and chloride is the nonmetal, so they would react with the zinc which is a transition metal....
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