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ARH 301 - ARH 301 Study guide for Third Test I Formal...

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ARH 301 Study guide for Third Test I. Formal contrast of a Renaissance and Baroque Painting: (remember that not all of these always apply, there are some exceptions to the rule) Know the pairs in bold plus two more of your choice. Always test if these apply to a painting before deciding which time period it belongs to. In the test you will have to explain how the term applies to your painting, so understand what is meant by it. Renaissance Baroque linear painterly plane recession absolute clarity relative clarity closed open (multiplicity) (unity) symmetry asymmetry calm emotional drama measurable order lack of measurable order even lighting dramatic use of lighting II. You should be able to identify and provide the basic information for the images on your list, but also place the work of art in a stylistic period or movement. You will need to understand the way in which the work represents the artist and the style/movement in which it was made. Note that a number of works and artists are designated “post-impressionists” but that their goals are not always the same. Surrealism and
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