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ESSENTIALS OF ISLAMIC ART Stephennie Mulder 1. It is a descendant of the visual traditions of Ancient and Late Antique (Roman, Byzantine, and Sasanian Persian) art. 2. The mosque is a monumentalization of various house forms, and its organization reflects its practical and essentially egalitarian architectural essence. 3. Abstraction is a key value. Islamic art seeks not to merely replicate nature, but to portray the deeper meaning and essence of things. 4. Crafts and the “decorative” arts are regarded as having full art status, and painting
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Unformatted text preview: (on canvas) and sculpture are not considered the noblest forms of art. 5. Writing has high status in Islam, and calligraphy is a major art form. Writing is significant decoration for buildings and objects. 6. Books, manuscript painting, illumination, and decoration are major art forms. 7. Geometry and patterns are an extremely complex and sophisticated art....
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