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Paul Cohen 2011 - Paul Cohen Paul Cohen was born on April 2...

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Paul Cohen Paul Cohen was born on April 2, 1934, in Long Branch, New Jersey as the youngest of four children. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Poland. It was recognized from an early age that he was gifted in mathematics, and as a teenager he became known as a mathematical prodigy for his impressive displays in math competitions. At age sixteen he graduated from Stuyvesant High School in New York, which was known for its math and science programs, and he went on to study at Brooklyn College. He studied for three years, but left before he received his degree to begin graduate studies at the University of Chicago. His focus was number theory and in 1954 he received his Masters. Cohen’s work relates directly to what we’ve learned in class. As we learned in class, Cantor proved via the diagonal argument that the cardinality of Z is strictly less than R . His proof does not indicate, however, how much smaller the cardinality of Z is in comparison to R . The continuum hypothesis (CH) states that “There is
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