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EVOLUTION ARY ECOLOGY (L567), Fall 2010 Instructor: Curt Lively, JH 117B; Phone 5-1842; email ( [email protected] ) Course web site: http://www.indiana.edu/~curtweb/Teaching/L567.html References: Evolutionary Genetics, by J. Maynard Smith (QH371.M327) Introduction to Evolutionary Ecology , by A. Cockburn (QH313.C74) The Evolution of Life Histories , by S. Stearns (QH371.S72) The Darwinian Revolution , by M. Ruse (QH361.R87, undergrad library) Evolution and the Theory of Games , by J. Maynard Smith (QH366.2) Principles of Population Genetics (3 rd Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology , by M. Bulmer Quantitative Genetics , by M. Lynch and B. Walsh Introduction to Quantitative Genetics , by D.S. Falconer and T.F.C. Mackay. The Origins of Theoretical Population Genetics , by W. B. Provine Evolutionary Biology (3 rd edition), by D. J. Futuyma Evolutionary Theory: mathematical and conceptual foundations, by Sean H. Rice One Long Argument,
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