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L567_first-day_quiz - D 10 Epistasis E 11 In words what is...

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Math/stats/theory background. Name____________________ In the space provided, write the formulas for each of the following 1. Variance 2. Covariance 3. Regression slope 4. Heritability (narrow sense) 5. Response to selection (the breeders equation) 6. Change in the mean of a quantitative trait ( z ) 7. Mean fitness for a trait coded by one locus with two alleles. 8. Hamilton’s rule 9. Linkage disequilibrium (
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Unformatted text preview: D ) 10. Epistasis ( E ) 11. In words, what is meant by the following a W z z = z = 0 12. Very briefly, how would you find a local maximum for fitness? 13. What is additive genetic variance? 14. What is geometric mean fitness? 15. What is frequency-dependent selection? 16. A and B are strategies. What does this statement mean: E(A,A) > E(B,A)?...
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