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CIS Participation Activity

CIS Participation Activity - Umama Kibria Extra...

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Umama Kibria Extra Participation Activity CIS 2010 Anderson Due Date: 4/25/11 I consider myself a very computer savvy individual. I based my life around technology by keeping organized with my HTC Window’s Smartphone, send over 30 emails a day with Gmail, stay connected with social networks such as Facebook, and so much more. I have extensive knowledge on Microsoft Software, Indesign, Photoshop, Java Script, programming, HTML coding, PDFing, etc. Before entering this class I had the perception that we would be doing many several database projects with java script and programming. But as soon as I walked through the doors of Chad Anderson’s class I realized that I had just been introduced into the world of computer information systems. I began the semester with the constant phrase, “CIS will be the most important class in the business school” stuck in my mind. I thought it wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary internet use and programming. I was wrong. Computer Information Systems became a broader definition to me with the introduction of our first project on the SharePoint website. The Getting
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