5-Steps of Patient Centered Interviewing Checklist

5-Steps of Patient Centered Interviewing Checklist -...

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Unformatted text preview: 5-STEPS OF PATIENT CENTERED INTERVIEWING CHECKLIST STEP 1. SET THE STAGE . . . . . . . . . . 1. Welcome the patient 2. Use the patient's name 3. Introduce self and identify specific role 4. Ensure patient readiness and privacy 5. Remove barriers to communication if present 6. Ensure comfort and put patient at ease STEP 2. ESTABLISH CHIEF COMPLAINT AND AGENDA 1. Indicate time available (optional) 2. Indicate own needs 3. Obtain list of all issues patient wants to discuss 4. Summarize and finalize the agenda; negotiate specifics if too many agenda items STEP 3. OPENING THE HPI 1. Open-ended beginning questions 2. Non-focusing open-ended skills (silence, neutral, utterances, nonverbal encouragement) 3. Obtain additional data from nonverbal sources: nonverbal cues, physical characteristics, autonomic changes, accouterments, and environment STEP 4. CONTINUING THE HPI PHYSICAL SYMPTOM STORY H H H . H . . 1. Obtain description of physical symptoms (focusing open-ended skills) PERSONAL STORY 2. Develop the more general person/psychological context of the physical symptoms (focusing openended skills) EMOTIONAL STORY 3. Develop an emotional focus (emotion-seeking skills) 4. Address emotion (emotion-handling skills NURS) EXPAND STORY 5. Expand the story to new chapters (focusing open-ended skills, emotion-seeking skills, emotionhandling skills) STEP 5. TRANSITION 1. Brief summary and final use of emotion-handling skills 2. Check accuracy 3. Indicate that content and style of inquiry are about to change ...
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5-Steps of Patient Centered Interviewing Checklist -...

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