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HAC PE Dress Code - f Avoid extremes of hairstyles(e.g...

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HAC PE Dress Code 1. See General Dress Code but you must dress comfortably and modestly as you will be examined by your peers. a. You may wear walking (“Bermuda”)-type shorts but not ultra-short athletic (running) shorts or unusually tight shorts (i.e., “Spandex”). b. For the men, a polo shirt with a collar is preferred. A tee shirt is acceptable provided it is clean, pressed, and does not contain any offensive language or picture. c. For the women, “tube tops” or “halter tops” and very short, tight skirts should not be worn to class. d. Shirts and blouses must extend to the waistband of the shorts. Bare midriffs are not acceptable. e. Baseball caps and sunglasses should not be worn in the classroom.
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Unformatted text preview: f. Avoid extremes of hairstyles (e.g., “spiked hair,” multicolored or bizarre-colored), make-up, and piercings. g. IN SHORT, BE MODEST AND PROFESSIONAL. h. Vital signs: wear short sleeve shirts or tank tops. i. Musculoskeletal exam: wear short sleeve shirts or tank tops and shorts. j. Pulmonary exam: wear loose fitting shirts. k. Abdominal exam: wear garments that make exposing your abdomen easy. 2. Respect your colleagues by presenting to the HAC cleaned and well-groomed. 3. Fingernails should be clean and maintained at a length that is not visible form the palmar aspect of the hand....
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