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Faculty Instructions - Go back to drop down filter and...

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Dear IFH Faculty: We’ve been having problems updating the website from last year and we’re sorry if this has caused anyone problems. Below please find updated instructions on the current grading system. How to Submit Your Scores for Your IFH Group. 1. Go to the IFH web site: https://medinfo.ufl.edu/courses/php/content.php? 2. Login using your Gatorlink username and password 3. Click the link for “Grades” in the left-hand column. 4. You will see a Grades: Scores & Stats for your group, showing each assignment for the semester. To Enter Scores: For Attendance/Participation scores and scores for assignments that are handed in during the class meetings: Use the drop down filter by each student in your group Click on the orange exclamation point. It will turn into an edit box. Enter points from 0 to the maximum number for the assignment. Save Grade Changes at bottom of page
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Unformatted text preview: Go back to drop down filter and select the next student in your group (repeat steps above) For Assignments that your students submit online: Click the Documents link on the left hand column Click the appropriate ‘stack of books’ link Locate the assignment submission link – Click the icon on the right side of the link You will see a list of the students who have submitted the assignment Click View to see their submission (if this says draft – it is submitted before due date and you are unable to grade until then) Click the Grade box to enter a score. Click “Save Grade Data at bottom of page To Edit Scores: If you need to change any scores for any assignment, go to the Grades and click on the incorrect grade. Edit as needed. REMINDER: Faculty DO NOT Enter Grade Points for Peer Evaluations or IHI Lessons . Please get in touch with us with any questions. DJ Brunson, Course Manager [email protected] 273-5322...
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Faculty Instructions - Go back to drop down filter and...

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