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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Frequently Asked Questions How...

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Frequently Asked Questions How do I get started? When you are first assigned your family, it is important to call and introduce yourself. You should also verify the address that was given to you, ask directions if needed and an alternative phone number they can be reached at if necessary. What do I do if I cannot contact my family? Call the family at different times during the day. Use the alternative phone number if you have collected one. Remember to call the family before the visit to remind them of the date you tentatively set up at the last meeting. Remember to schedule a home visit as early as possible, in case a cancellation or emergency occurs. Someone can also go the family’s home and leave a note, for the family to contact you. If you still have difficulty contacting your family you need to notify the IFH office as soon as possible. What do I do if my family, or someone in it, is in the hospital?
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