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Home Visit 2_ Sample Family Health Projects - Family Health...

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Family Health Projects . These are sample projects from last year’s course that were nominated by their faculty for outstanding efforts. The faculty wrote each description. 1. This team went above and beyond that required of this course. Their family member was Ms. O who wanted to focus on her oral hygiene and tooth problems. The dental student took the lead in helping Ms. O with the help of the other students. They had three main goals for Ms. O. First, they wanted to help her brush at least twice a day. Being from Africa, Ms. O was not educated about oral hygiene and was told just to chew on a specific root to help her teeth. The students encouraged her and taught her the basics about oral hygiene even bringing a dental model, toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste to her house to show her proper technique, which she really appreciated. Second, they wanted to get her into the student oral health clinic because she really needed to get some work done but didn't have a lot of money and didn't know what to do. Not only did the dental student get her into the clinic, but also they drove her to the clinic and walked her inside to make sure she made her appointment. The dental student constantly followed up with her dentist about her problems. Lastly, they wanted to analyze her diet to understand what factors were contributing to her dental problems. Unfortunately, she didn't fill out her dietary log, but the willingness of the students to do this extra work really impressed us. 2. These three students worked with a family to help a 12-year-old daughter lose weight and reported achieving the goal. The medical student demonstrated cultural sensitivity in interacting with the family and remarked about how relevant this experience was to what she wants to do in her medical practice. The team used their members’ skills to speak Spanish to enrich the experience for the family. The nutrition student applied her knowledge of nutrition to help the family plan nutritious lower calorie meals. The team went to the home and helped the family cook traditional foods using lower fat recipes. Moreover, the family invited the extended family over to taste the food and reported that it was a huge success. Since the family was on limited income, the team also showed them how to shop for lower fat foods without increasing the food expenditure. The pharmacy student reported a deepening understanding of how intertwined the medical professions are and of the potential impact of interdisciplinary care giving. The 3-team members urged the family to increase their exercise level and brought balls and dance music to help the 12-year-old daughter see that exercise could be fun. The extended family formed soccer teams so multiple family
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Home Visit 2_ Sample Family Health Projects - Family Health...

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