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How to Submit Assignments

How to Submit Assignments - 8 Upload the assignment 9...

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Under Course Information How To Submit Assignments: 1. Go to the IFH web site: https://medinfo.ufl.edu/courses/php/content.php? navid=7&courseid=239 2. Login using your Gatorlink username and password. 3. Click on the “Documents” button in the left-hand column. 4. Click the folder icon for Small Group Meetings in the center of the page. 5. Click the appropriate ‘stack of books’ link for the meeting date. 6. Locate the assignment form to download, e.g. Home Visit 3 Report; Family Health Project Final; Final Reflection 7. Download the form and fill out the assignment information as needed.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Upload the assignment: 9. Locate the assignment submission link for the assignment. 10. Click on the link, browse for your file, and click the button “Turn in my assignment” Note: You can use the “Save assignment changes” button to enter your form and allow further changes. When you are finished making changes, use the “Turn in my assignment” button to submit. Any assignment entered with the Save button will automatically be submitted on the due date....
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