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Library Community Outreach Program

Library Community Outreach Program - HSC Library The target...

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Consumer Health and Community Outreach Program UF Health Science Center Library Director: Linda Butson 273-8399 [email protected] The Health Science Center Library has a new program that emphasizes the following goals: Develop strategies and promote library services that support the consumer health, patient education and community outreach activities of the Health Science Center and its six colleges. Assist with improved patient provider communication and health literacy efforts Identify consumer health services and resources available in the Health Science Center Identify funding sources to create/organize a collection of consumer health materials within the
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Unformatted text preview: HSC Library. The target population includes HSC faculty, staff and students involved with community service and patient interactions. Their website can be reached at: http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/consumerhealth It provides many links to online resources that can help you access, interpret, and develop educational information for your families. Additionally, Ms. Butson will meet individually with your student teams to help you find resources when you run into problems, or just want to find some online materials. Please contact her for additional information....
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