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Most Dependent to Least Dependent End of Life Care : 1. Palliative Care GVAMC – End of Life (2 weeks or less OR symptom management while receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment). 2. Inpatient Hospice Care LCVAMC Hospice Unit (last few months of life). 3. In-home Hospice from a local Hospice (when prognosis is less than 6 months) 24/7 phone access. Long Term Care in Facility : - Funding Sources: Private pay/Medicare/Long Term Health Insurance/Medicaid - Community NH (apply for Medicaid with period of spend down. Primary residence, are, some savings not counted as assets - Private Pay: Assisted Living Facility (ALF) - VA Community Residential Care homes Short-Term Rehab : - VA Geriatric Evaluation and Management (GEM) Intensive Rehab, 3-4 weeks (inpatient) - VA Extended Care/Rehab in LC VA NHCU (up to 90 days) less intensive rehab (~$97 co- pay after first 21 days from some people) Home Based Interventions to Maximize Independence : - Advance Illness/Palliative Care Home monitoring with technology
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