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Nutritional Health Information - Nutritional Health Why is...

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Nutritional Health Why is it important to reach a healthier weight? Reaching and maintaining a healthier weight is important a person’s overall health and well being. If one is significantly overweight, there is a greater risk of the development of many diseases including high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, and some forms of cancer. For obese adults, even losing a few pounds or preventing further weight gain has health benefits. Reaching a healthier weight is a balancing act. The secret is learning how to balance one’s “energy in” and “energy out” over the long run. “Energy in” is considered the calories from the foods and beverages taken in each day. “Energy out” is the calories burned for basic body functions and physical activity. Nutrient-dense forms of foods are smart choices — they provide the nutrients needed with relatively fewer calories than other choices in the same food group. To move to a healthier weight, one needs to make smart choices from every food group. Smart choices are the foods with the lowest amounts of solid fats or added sugars: for example, fat-free (skim) milk instead of whole milk and unsweetened rather than sweetened applesauce. Also, consider how the food was prepared. For example, choose skinless baked chicken instead of fried chicken and choose fresh fruit instead of a
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Nutritional Health Information - Nutritional Health Why is...

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