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The Family Health Project Outline Create an outline form of your Family Health Project paper that will be used to provide an organizational plan for your final report. Your starting point is your visit with the family – see the detailed description below of what you are to cover in your outline. The brief written Family Health Project outline is due November 21 st 2006 for discussion purposes in small group #3, and should be completed by the team (format: a one to two page limit) to include the following information to be used for future reference toward the completion of the final report: 1) Provide your team’s ideas to be considered for your IFH family’s Family Health
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Unformatted text preview: Project focus and goals; 2) Include a careful and exact list of your outcome measures to be designed to assess the success of the Family Health Project implementation; 3) Review what you have found in the initial home visits in regards to the familys potential adherence to the proposed Family Health Project (include supports and barriers that may influence its success or failure); 4) Describe ways you might work with the patient and family members to help them improve supports, maintain supports, or over come identified barriers related to the Family Health project goals. PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE EXAMPLES OF THE OUTLINE POSTED ON THE COURSE WEBSITE. 1...
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