Eye Exam Checklist

Eye Exam Checklist - Check for direct and consensual...

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The Harrell Center Eye Examination Visual Acuity Proper technique with Snellen Eye Chart Rosenbaum pocket card Inspection of External Eye Hand wash before and after this portion of the exam Observe for ptosis, exophthalmia, lesions, deformity, or asymmetry Inspect conjunctiva and sclera Ask patient to look up, down, left, and right while inspecting bulbar surface Visual Field Position and instruct patient Screen by confrontation in all 4 quadrants Extra Ocular Movements Position self and patient Instruct patient Demonstrate 6 sided cross or “H” pattern Check convergence Corneal Reflections Check corneal reflections with penlight Pupillary Reaction Approach from temporal side Test bilaterally
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Unformatted text preview: Check for direct and consensual responses Swinging flashlight test Check accommodation response Fundoscopic Exam Standard Ophthalmoscope Adjust aperture, diopter, and light intensity Dim room light Use right hand/right eye/index finger technique Instruct patient to fixate on a point and locate the red reflex Follow inward thru the pupil to locate optic disc and allow time to focus PanOptic Ophthalmoscope Focus instrument by observing object across the room (10 feet away) Adjust rheostat to maximum light intensity Follow red reflex into pupil until eye cup contacts brow Compress eye cup halfway to maximize view Adjust focus as necessary...
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Eye Exam Checklist - Check for direct and consensual...

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