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Unformatted text preview: Faculty Guide for small group discussion March 16, 2011 To prepare for this small group students and faculty will read the online case studies of patients with disabilities from The Lancet and review the other three links. Each student is assigned to lead the discussion about one of the cases. Disability Access for Disabled Women Disability Lancet Personal Accounts Disability One in Four of Us Disability Photomaps Username: breasthealth Password: screening There will be a lecture and panel from 8:00 am to 9:50 am in room C1 -17. Faculty should plan to attend. Third year physical therapy students will be joining us for the small group discussions. 1. REAP writing on patients on disability panel REACTION: What is your reaction to this patient? EXPERIENCE: What experiences have you had in the past that may have lead to this reaction? ASSESSMENT: How will your reactions affect your relationships with patients and practice of medicine in the future? PLAN: What will help you to care for such patients in the future? 2. Each student lead discussion of their "patient" and their reaction to that patient. We have asked students to be familiar with all of the cases. The student assigned to lead the discussion on the case should not have to repeat the case but should help to bring out the salient points of the story. 3. Please leave 30 minutes at the end of class if you feel that any of your students need feedback. Please be sure to speak to those students on the list of students below who have had absences at HAC sessions even though they did not do well on the EPC I final exam. ...
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