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The Harrell Center Neurological Examination Primary exam Cranial Nerve Examination CN II (optic): visual fields; pupillary reaction and accommodation CN III, IV, VI (oculomotor, trochlear, abducens): extraocular movements; convergence CN V (trigeminal): sensory (sharp) and motor (clenches teeth while examiner palpates masseter and temporalis) CN VII (facial): smile, frown, puff cheeks, raise eyebrows, shut eyes while examiner attempts to pry them open CN VIII (auditory): finger rubs (eyes closed) CN IX and X (glossopharyngeal, vagus): articulation; “ah” and note palate movement CN XI (accessory): shoulder shrug and neck strength against resistance CN XII (hypoglossal): stick out tongue and move side to side Motor Exam: compare side to side Observe for bulk and abnormal movements Testing tone: passively flex and extend elbows Strength Testing against resistance Abduct shoulder Flex and extend elbow Spread fingers Thumb opposition to pinkie Flex hips Flex and extend knee
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Unformatted text preview: Dorsiflex and plantarflex ankle Coordination,Cerebellum and Gait Finger to nose testing Heel to shin testing Rapid alternating movements Romberg testing Gait: walking and turning Tandem gait Walking on heels and toes Reflex Examination: Tendon reflexes Biceps Triceps Brachioradialis Patellar Achilles Babinski Sensory Examination: Compare side to side Perform with eyes closed Vibratory sensation bilaterally on index finger and great toe Subjective light touch tested symmetrically on upper and lower extremities Special Considerations Be able to identify the significance of a positive finding of any of these tests CNVIII Use tuning fork for decreased hearing (Weber and Rinne tests) Special reflexes Test for clonus by quickly dorsiflexing the foot compare side to side Sensory Examination Position sense or proprioception bilaterally on index finger and great toe Two point discrimination Graphesthesia Stereognosis...
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