Formative Feedback Self Eval Form

Formative Feedback Self Eval Form - EVALUATION OF...

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Unformatted text preview: EVALUATION OF COMPETENCIES FOR HUMAN BEHAVIOR Formative Feedback : Self-Evaluation Form Instructions : Students : Please review the three competency areas described on this form and CIRCLE the box under each that best describes your level of competence in that area. Please try to add some brief comments at the bottom about areas you’d like to improve upon or where you believe you’ve excelled. Make sure to bring the forms to your next small group session. They will be reviewed with your small group leader, individually, and collected. Instructions : Small Group Leaders : Please review each student’s self-ratings and enter your ratings as CHECK MARKS over the box that best corresponds with their level of competence in each area. Please add brief comments as necessary and initial the forms next to your name. Collect and turn them in to Valerie Moreau. Student Name:_________________________________ Initial: ______ Group Leader:_________________________________ Initial: ______ Circle the box that best describes the student’s typical performance in each of the three competency areas...
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Formative Feedback Self Eval Form - EVALUATION OF...

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