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391T Exam1-spring 2011

391T Exam1-spring 2011 - Name POLI 391T Terrorism...

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Name:________________________ POLI 391T Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and Beyond - Exam 1 Fill in the Blank: (1.5 pts each) 1. The _________________________________ is the conflict that the modern term “terrorism” originated. 2. The group, ___________ ______________________, killed 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Oympics in Munich, Germany. This event is significant because it is the ___________________________________. 3. Reading question: “Black Tuesday” refers to this terrorist event: ______________________. 4. The World Trade Center Bombings in 1993 are important because they marked the ____________________________________ 5. One reason why the UN failed in its attempt to define terrorism is because the __________________ ____________ insisted on the exclusion of national liberation movements and resistance to foreign occupation as part of the definition of terrorism. 6. Reading question: in chapter 6 of her texts, Nacos states that trigger events or _________________ often serve as catalysts for the formation of terrorist groups. 7. _________ __________’s (The author of Der Mord ) , writings, calling for and justifying the violent removal of oppressive political elites, served as the philosophical basis for certain terrorist acts in the 20 th century. 8. The mental discomfort a person feels when they know that what they are doing is wrong is called ______________ _______________________. 9. List two reasons why terrorism is so hard to define and manage a. ___________________________ _________________________ b. ____________________________________ _______________
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10. Reading Question: In Ghosts of Our Past, Armstrong emphasizes that in order to win the war on terrorism, “we” need to understand its roots. Identify two “roots” (causes) that he identifies in his article. a. ____________________________________ ____ b. ________________________________________ 11. The ____________________ were Jewish terrorists during Biblical times that would stab Roman sympathizers and collaborators while in large crowds. 12. All humans, and youth in particular, have an innate need to ______________________________. 13. In the original concept of modern terrorism, terrorism is issued (or comes) from the government. This is called _______________________ terrorism. 14. Consider the following quote by Ted Gurr: "Men are quick to aspire beyond their social means and quick to
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391T Exam1-spring 2011 - Name POLI 391T Terrorism...

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