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Asian &Latin American Terrorist Groups-S2L4-student

Asian &Latin American Terrorist Groups-S2L4-student...

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Unformatted text preview: Studies in "Types" of Terrorism Asian & Latin American Terrorism * Graphic content in today's lectures Asian Terrorism Jemaah Islamiah (JI) Established: 1993 Meaning: "Islamic Congregation" Leaders: Abu Bakar Bashir & Abdullah Sungkar Affiliation: Sunni Islam Goal(s): establishment of Islamic states in Asia/Sharia Law in Indonesia, anti-Christian Range of influence: Southeast Asia- Indonesia, Malaysia, the southern Philippines, Singapore, and Brunei MO: car bombings, assassination of government Notorious for: 2002 Bali bombing- 202 killed Jemaah Islamiah (JI) Detachment 88 Formed in response to 2002 Bali Bombings Funded, equipped, & trained by US & Australia Many top leaders killed or captured: 2003: Capture of Hambali CIA & Thai police worked together Have been accused of torture to get information Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Tamil Tigers (LTTE) Established: July 23, 1983 May 18, 2009 ? Leader: Velupillai Prabhakaran Goal: establishment of Islamic state, Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka Marxist/socialist leanings Campaign devolved into the Sri Lankan Civil War, one of the longest running armed conflicts in Asia (1983-2009) Estimated 80,000-100,000 lives lost in conflict Range of influence: Northern Sri Lanka, Southern India MO: Assassination of government officials, police, & politicians Infamous for: 1991: Suicide bombing assassination of Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi for India's support of Sri Lankan government's attempts to eradicate group Funding: limited from other terror groups, piracy, arms smuggling Recent activity: Reports of efforts to reorganize 2/24/11: EU renewed Tiger Status as terror org 3/9/11 Canada agrees to deport asylum seeker who arrived in Canada w/ 492 other saylum seekers fro Sri Lanka 3/14/11 SL PM stated that Tigers had new training camps in Southern India (33 miles from ethnic Tamil territory on SL- gov't withdrew comment stating PM was quoting incorrect intelligence Latin American Terrorism FARC Fuerzas Armadas Revolutionarias de Colombia (FARC) (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) Established: 1953/1964 Original leader: Jacobo Arenas Last known leader: Jorge Briceo Goal: Establish Communism in Colombia Began as class struggle Range of influence: Colombia, & immediate region Distinction: Largest and oldest terrorist organization in Americas 2007: self-proclaim 18K Other estimates 5000-10000 Infamous for: Extended retention of kidnapping victims Is responsible for approx. 100,000 deaths Funding: Drug trafficking, ransom, (kidnapping) extortion of MNC's Narcoguerilla theory" Toppling of Medellin and Cali drug cartels in early 1990's left a narcotic supply & power void filled by FARC "Narcoguerrilla" terrorism Coined by US Ambassador to Colombia, Lewis Tambs Narcoguerrilla theory argues that: FARC controls most aspects of Colombian & area's drug trade Colombian government is too weak to confront threat effectively US military support is warranted US military aid has increased to $1B/annum Recent efforts to stem FARC: Peace negotiations 1998- 2002 Presidency of lvaro Uribe, 2002- current Plan Patriota & Plan Resistencia 2002-2005 FARC was believed in a withdrawal due to the increasing military and police actions of new president 2005- Resurgence of violence Demand release of prisoners Killing of public officials Hostage-taking primary form of persuasion Known IRA connections Irish three: Jim Monaghan, Martin McCauley and Niall Connolly The Chavez connection. . . Arms Harboring FARC leaders Money Strategic planning January 11, 2008, Chavez called on European and Latin American governments to stop calling FARC a terrorist organization Calling for recognition as "belligerent force" would obliges them to renounce kidnapping , acts of terror, and respect for Geneva Conventions Prisioners: 2001-2006: Lortha Hintze 1998-2006: Julian Castro 2000-2006- Fernando Araujo 1998-2007: Jhon Pinchao 2002-2007: 12 deputies of Valle del Cauca, Sigfredo Lopez only survivor 2002-2008: Ingrid Betancourt Presidential candidate from Oxygen Green Party 2002-2008: vice presidential candidate Clara Rojas and former congresswoman Consuelo Gonzalez ...
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