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exam 1 review sheet and terms

exam 1 review sheet and terms - The Ones I Couldn't find in...

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The Ones I Couldn’t find in my notes: Hashinin Heterogeneity Important "firsts" Iranian Revolution Just war Organization of the Islamic Conference Sacarii Shocks Trigger events 11-Sep Advantages of female terrorism -people don’t think women commit terrorism. ..this gives more shock value -female terrorism is not the norm. ..provides tactical advantages. ..do not carry same level of suspicion as men Aspirational deprivation -I aspire to have what they have and did not get it so I will take it by violence Black September -This was the group in the Olympic Slayings in 1972. ..terrorism moved from regional to international stage Black Widow -aka Shadidka or Brides of Allah -Chechan Rebels -believed to be widows of men killed by Russian forcesi n chechnya. .avg age is 15-19 -moscow theatre crisis -Beslan school massacre Bottom-up -anti-state, anti-gov’t violence -targeting assassination of leaders and politicians, avoiding civilians -19 th century
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Cognitive dissonance -This is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time. -occurs when there is a crisis of legitmacy within a trajectory of terror Cognitive filter Dhanu Yatra - Female -Tamil Tiger Sri Lanka assassinated political leader during campaign appearance French Revolution -18 th century -Le Regne de Terreur -Top Down-STATE sponsored terrorism -Maximilian Robespierre Emma Goldman -American anarchist 1869-1940 -famous lecturer on anarchy and women’s rights -imprisoned several times for inciting to riot and distributing info about birth control -founded controversial publication Mother Earth, wrote for The Free Society Hassan-i-Sabbah -assassin in 11 th -13 th century in Persia -he was the leader -his MO was execution of high profile leaders, take out Shi’Ite Ismaili sect Homogeneity -there is a sameness within an organization -this leads to group polarization phenomenon where people want to make a name for
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exam 1 review sheet and terms - The Ones I Couldn't find in...

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