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POLI 391T Final Exam Review- SP 2011

POLI 391T Final Exam Review- SP 2011 - Watchdog vs lapdog...

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POLI 391T- Final Exam Review Sheet Neoconservatism Challenges of Hegemonies w/ terrorists- Aspects of Bush Doctrine War Hawks vs Doves/pacifists: Critiques of the Bush Cold War/Realist view of terrorism PATRIOT Act & its provisions 2000 Commission on Terrorism Report’s “Glaring” problems with US counterterrorism efforts National Counter Terrorism Commission (NCTC) Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) National Security Agency (NSA) United Nations (UN) Counterterrorism Center (CTC) Counterterrorism/anti-terrorism Interpol Deterrence vs containment Hard Power/soft power/smart power Symmetric vs Asymmetric warfare reprisals Sanctions US citizens vs enemy combatants Hamdan v. Rumsfeld UN Definition of Torture Components of justice 3 kinds of pacifism Triangle of communication Symbbols, narratives, summaries, & Images- “Publicity is the oxygen of terrorism” Schmidt & deGraaf Three media goals of terrorism
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Unformatted text preview: Watchdog vs lapdog journalism Benefits & Weaknesses of technology relative to terrorism Soft vs hard targets Ways to Reduce the soft target risk Soft targets (sectors of US economy) How “hate” websites thwart attempts to shut them down Terrorist uses of the internet Phishing Denial of Service attack (DOS) Cyber-Viruses Malicious code & applications Cryptanalysis Parasite code Code Encryption Kerckhoff’s Principle Algorithms & keys Rise in “Second generation” or homegrown terrorists Symmetric vs asymmetric cryptography “The philosophy of the bomb” Current “popular” Tactics of terrorism (S)VBIED How bombs kill/damage/destroy Biological weapons Thermobaric bombs (FAEs) Dirty bombs Four types of biological Agents Nuclear fission vs fusion Catastrophic terrorism Fissile material Little boy & Fat Man- LB States that possess nuclear weapons Uranium 235 & plutonium 239 REVIEW EXAMS 1 &2 Huntington Berman Qutb Laqueur Hoffman...
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