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POLI 391T Syllabus - POLI 391T: Terrorism, Counter...

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POLI 391T: Terrorism, Counter Terrorism, and Beyond Spring, 2011 Instructor: Melissa Beaudoin Office Hours: M/W 4-4:45 PM Office: Gambrel 322 Class times: M/W 5-6:30 PM Phone: (C) 803-394-3902 Classroom: Gambrel 005 E-mail: [email protected] I. Course Description: What is terrorism? Why do people and/or groups commit acts of terrorism? Is terrorism a logical, strategic tool or the manifestation of psychopathologies? How does terrorism impact the international community? What can be done to curb terrorist activity? These are some of the question that will be addressed during this course. Course content will include: the history and theories of terrorism, diverse case studies and types of terrorism, we will consider counter-terrorism methods, and the underlying causes and reasons of terrorism will be discussed. Terrorism is an elusive and complex form of violence. Only in studying the numerous contributing factors can the student of terrorism begin to grasps its implications. II. Course goals and learning outcomes: The primary objective of this course will be to acquaint the student with the concepts, theories and approaches used in the study of the phenomena of international terrorism. Throughout this course, students will: 1. Develop an understanding of the many facets of terrorism 2. Conceptualize of terrorism from an interdisciplinary perspective 3. Refine their skills as critical thinkers and writers By the end of the semester, by way of lectures, discussions, text readings, and examinations; students will be able to identify, critically analyze, summarize, and discuss the myriad facets of terrorism and the impact it has upon the international political community. III. Required Books:
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POLI 391T Syllabus - POLI 391T: Terrorism, Counter...

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