review of first 2 terrorism tests

review of first 2 terrorism tests - TEST 1 1 What conflict...

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TEST 1 1. What conflict did the modern term “terrorism” originate from? The French Revolution 2. Which group killed 11 Israeli Athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich? Why is that event significant? Black September. First time Terrorism went regional to international. 3. “Black Tuesday” refers to which terrorist event? September 11 th 4. What did the WTC Bombings in 1993 mark/why are they important? First international attack on US soil. 5. Which group insisted on exclusion of national liberation movements and resistance to foreign occupation as part of the definition of terrorism and thus made the UN fail in its attempt to define terrorism? Organization of Islamic Conference 6. These, or trigger events, often serve as catalysts for formation of terrorist groups? Shocks 7. The author of Der Mord, whose writings call for and justify the violent removal of oppressive political elites, serving as the philosophical basis for certain terrorist acts in the 20 th century? Karl Heintzen 8. What is the mental discomfort a person feels when they know that what they are doing is wrong? Cognitive dissonance. 9. Two reasons why terrorism is hard to define and manage? -There are many different types -Questionable whether it is justifiable or not 10. What are 2 roots of terrorism that Armstrong identified in Ghosts of Our Past? -abandonment of civilization after we have no use for them
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review of first 2 terrorism tests - TEST 1 1 What conflict...

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