Termsnotfound391 - Just War A conflict can and ought to...

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Hashinin Assassin in Arabic 1050 – 1100, prominent during crusades Sacarii Hebrews who didn’t like Romans in their territory Would attack Romans using knives 9/11 Single most lethal attack in history Changed the scope of terrorism – “super terrorism” Changed international political policies and relationships Eng of post cold war optimism Important Firsts 1972 Munich Olympic Slayings 1972 – first plane is hijacked 1979 – Iranian Hostage Crisis o first terrorist event targeted against American 1988 – Pan Am flight 103 o beginning of era of catastrophic terrorism 1993 – First World Trade Center bombings o first act of international terrorism on US soil 9/11 Iranian Revolution 1979, overthrowing of Iranian monarchy of Shah Pahlavi backlash against corrupt, oppressive, puppet like monarchy secularization and westernization of Iran Became the Islamic Republic of Iran o Shiite Revolution o Mullah Influence
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Unformatted text preview: Just War A conflict can and ought to meet the criteria of philosophical, religious, or political justice, provided it follows certain conditions o Criteria includes the right to go to war and the right conduct within war Organization of the Islamic Conference Insisted on the exclusion of national liberation movements and resistance to foreign occupation a distinction b/w terrorism and legitimate struggle against foreign occupation Trigger Events Events that call for revenge or action, such as violence against in-groups, police brutality, and contested elections, but also provoking acts committed by hostile out-groups or compromising speeches by public figures. Heterogeneity There are many different motivational factors and a wide variety of terrorists groups that dont have the same goals and objectives which leads to the difficulty defining terrorism...
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Termsnotfound391 - Just War A conflict can and ought to...

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