Termsnotfound391 - Just War • A conflict can and ought to...

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Hashinin Assassin in Arabic 1050 – 1100, prominent during crusades Sacarii Hebrews who didn’t like Romans in their territory Would attack Romans using knives 9/11 Single most lethal attack in history Changed the scope of terrorism – “super terrorism” Changed international political policies and relationships Eng of post cold war optimism Important Firsts 1972 Munich Olympic Slayings 1972 – first plane is hijacked 1979 – Iranian Hostage Crisis o first terrorist event targeted against American 1988 – Pan Am flight 103 o beginning of era of catastrophic terrorism 1993 – First World Trade Center bombings o first act of international terrorism on US soil 9/11 Iranian Revolution 1979, overthrowing of Iranian monarchy of Shah Pahlavi backlash against corrupt, oppressive, puppet like monarchy secularization and westernization of Iran Became the Islamic Republic of Iran o Shiite Revolution o Mullah Influence
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Unformatted text preview: Just War • A conflict can and ought to meet the criteria of philosophical, religious, or political justice, provided it follows certain conditions o Criteria includes the right to go to war and the right conduct within war Organization of the Islamic Conference • Insisted on the exclusion of national liberation movements and resistance to foreign occupation – a distinction b/w terrorism and legitimate struggle against foreign occupation Trigger Events • Events that call for revenge or action, such as violence against in-groups, police brutality, and contested elections, but also provoking acts committed by hostile out-groups or compromising speeches by public figures. Heterogeneity • There are many different motivational factors and a wide variety of terrorists groups that don’t have the same goals and objectives which leads to the difficulty defining terrorism...
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Termsnotfound391 - Just War • A conflict can and ought to...

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