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chapter 1 book notes - Chapter 1 Business Analysis Purpose:...

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Chapter 1 Business Analysis Purpose: evaluate prospects and risks Information Sources Quantitative: financial statements, economic indicators, etc Two major types: Credit and Equity Credit analysis: Creditors lend funds in 2 ways -Trade creditors: deliver goods or services to a company (normally short term) -Nontrade creditors: provide financing to a company with repayment w/ interest (normally long term) -they focus on liquidity (ability to raise cash short term) and solvency (ability to pay long term obligations) Equity Analysis: provides funds to a company in return for risks/rewards of ownership -technical analysis: search for patterns in price/volume history of a stock to predict future movement -fundamental analysis: more wide accepted. ..process of determining the value of a company by analyzing and interpreting key factors for the economy, industry, and company. ..main goal is to determine INTRINSIC value Minor types: Processes of Business Analysis Business Environment and Strategy Analysis
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-industry analysis: analyze the industry of the company -strategy analysis: analyze the strategy of the company and compare to its competitors Three parts of BE&S Analysis: Accounting, Financial, and Prospective Analysis -combined they are Financial Statement Analysis Accounting Analysis -the process of evaluating the extent to which a company’s accounting reflects economic reality -assessing effects of accounting policies on financial statements, and adjusting accordingly for
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chapter 1 book notes - Chapter 1 Business Analysis Purpose:...

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