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Case 3 Benchmarking and Flow Calculations at Independent Labs Independent Labs (SIL) has a seven-step flow line process that tests, inspects and finishes completed solid-state devices. The characteristics of the flow line are provided below. The line, which operates 8 hours per day, has been completing approximately 54 devices per hour with an average cycle time of 55 minutes per device. 1. Benchmark the TH and CT of this process against best case, worst case and practical worst case conditions. Note any performance concerns that you have. 2. Your boss informs you that a substantial increase in business is on the way.
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Unformatted text preview: Use the flow line performance methodology (spreadsheet) to determine the line’s processing requirements to complete 120 jobs per hour assuming that job arrivals are generally distributed with a CV = 1.0. Again, note any concerns to review with your boss. Workstation Number Task Description Number of Stations Process Characteristics Avg. Time Distribution CV 1 Thermo Shock 2 52 secs General 1.0 2 Centrifuge 4 95 secs General 1.0 3 Particle Impact 3 70 secs General 1.0 4 Solder 2 45 secs General 1.0 5 Mark 2 50 secs General 1.0 6 Inspect 6 170 secs General 1.0 7 Package 2 30 secs General 1.0...
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