MGSC 485 Spring 2011- Exam 1 STUDY GUIDE

MGSC 485 Spring 2011- Exam 1 STUDY GUIDE - MGSC 485 Spring...

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MGSC 485 – Spring 2011- Exam 1 – STUDY GUIDE Exam Date – March 3rd All questions will be based on lecture notes, text and discussions. EXAM WILL BE CLOSED-BOOK, CLOSED NOTES. Testable Topics: 1. Flow Time Analysis Study Materials: PowerPoint 2.1 Lean – Process Flow Time Computation X-Ray Dept Process Case 1 2. Process Bottleneck and Capacity Calculations Study Materials: PowerPoint 2.2 Lean – Process Bottleneck and Capacity X-ray Department Case 2 3. Process Benchmarking Study Materials: PowerPoint 2.3 Process Benchmarking The benchmarking portion (not the flowtime calculation portion) of Case 3 4. Process Flow Tools with an emphasis on Current State Value Stream Map (Meaning of symbols and calculation of metrics) and Future State Map (Changes Identified, and How they are implemented) Study Materials PowerPoints 3.1-3.3 VSM I, II, III, and IV QFVM Case 4 Chapter 3 from the Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook by George (Note that I may ask a few questions about Process Maps, SIPOC, Transportation Diagrams and Swim-lane Flowcharts as covered in Chapter 3)
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5. ProcessModel Study Materials PowerPoint 4.1 Introduction to ProcessModel Process Model Minicases Case 5 ProcessModel Tutorial Types of Questions : (The next section provides examples for you to complete while you study) True/False and/or Multiple Choice Questions Problems Short Essay/Discussion Question Problem Examples: Process Flow Time Analysis. For example Portland Insurance specializes in home insurance business. The Columbia, SC office handles all Southeast applications. When an application comes in, it consists of two forms, F1 and F2 that must be reviewed. Form F1 relates to the homeowner and form F2 relates to the property. The application is separated by the “reception” department into the two forms F1 and F2. It takes 10 minutes to do the “separate forms” task (Task “Separate”). Then Form F1 is sent to the Department that reviews it and Form F2 is sent to the Department that reviews it. Form F1 is reviewed by the Department-F1 (Task “Review F1”). Sixty percent of the forms F1 are filled out correctly and take 20 minutes to review. Thirty percent of the forms F1 have minor errors for which the department has to call the customer. It takes on the average 60 minutes to correct the errors and complete the review for these forms (including the initial 20
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MGSC 485 Spring 2011- Exam 1 STUDY GUIDE - MGSC 485 Spring...

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