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Assignment #3 Discussion - Assignment#3 Questions for...

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\ Assignment #3 Questions for Critical Thinking A dysfunctional conflict is something that hinders group performance. I have been involved in a dysfunctional conflict when I met up with a group of people to study for a test. The group experienced relationship conflict, since there were some people who were intimidated by certain members of the group. As a result some people were afraid to voice their opinions, since they were scared of being ridiculed. In addition, there was a task conflict. The test we were study for was American History, and people were arguing over what content they should go over. Some members felt that topics about the Indian War shouldn’t be reviewed into great detail, since they were confident in that subject. They felt it was a waste of time, and that more attention should be paid to treaties. However, people who wanted to review that particular subject refused to move forward until time was spent on the Indian War. Because there was communication problems a compromise wasn’t reached and an hour of study time was wasted. I was involved in a functional conflict when I was doing a group video project for my health class. We didn’t have any relationship conflicts, since everyone within the group were friends. The conflict we were having was over what type of drug use we should focus on, where to shoot the film, and what to include in the script. The conflict we were experiencing was an interactionist view of conflict, since we felt it was a positive force. After all, we needed to reach a compromise in order to perform effectively. The process conflict allowed the group to decide what idea would work best, and allowed everyone to be on the same page once an agreement was reached. Any task
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Assignment #3 Discussion - Assignment#3 Questions for...

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