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487 Case_discussion_questions

487 Case_discussion_questions - MGSC 487 Fall 2010 Study...

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MGSC 487: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR CASES Mattel and the Toy Recalls Case (Case A) 1. What is this case fundamentally about? 2. What are some of the cross-disciplinary facets of this case? 3. What are examples of other famous product recalls? 4. Which quality principle does product recalls pertain to? 5. What are the characteristics of the toy industry and how do they affect toy making? 6. What challenges do toy companies face in managing offshoring? 7. What are Mattel’s key strengths? 8. What is the nature of the product quality problem faced by Mattel? 9. What practices of Mattel contributed to the problem? 10. What can Mattel do to enhance product quality? 11. Which toys should be recalled? What should the recall strategy be? Mattel and the Toy Recalls Case (Case B) 12. What went wrong with Mattel’s recall strategy? 13. Who are Mattel’s stakeholders? Who did Mattel cater to in the recall? 14. What values did Mattel exhibit during the recall? How did they affect Mattel?
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