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Wire Harness Case Reading the newspaper that morning, Sunny, a buyer at Tyche Industries, a Chicago based producer of subassemblies for the automotive market, has sent out request for quotations (RFQs) for a wiring harness to four prospective suppliers. Only two of the four suppliers indicated an interest in quoting the business: Original Wire of Auburn Hills, Michigan, and Happy Lucky Assemblies (HLA) of Guangdong province, China. The estimated demand for the harness is 6000 units a month. Both suppliers will incur some costs to retool for this particular harness. The harness will be prepackaged in 24” x 12” x 6” cartons. Each packaged unit weighs approximately 10 pounds. (1 Cu.ft = 1728 cu.in). Quote 1 The first quote received is from Original Wire, a supplier located about 20miles from Tyche’s corporate headquarters, so the quote was delivered in person. When Sunny went down to the lobby, he was greeted by the sales agent and an engineering representative. After the quote was handed over, the engineering would be happy to work closely with Tyche industries in developing the unit, and would also be interested in future business that might involve finding ways to reduce costs in the future. The sales agent also noted that they were hungry for business,
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Wire_Harness_-_Case - Wire Harness Case Reading the...

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