Homework 1 - Homework #1 Accounting 226 NAME: _...

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Homework #1 NAME: ______________________ Accounting 226 Section/Time: ________________ YOU MUST **     STAPLE     **      THIS SHEET TO YOUR HANDWRITTEN WORK FOR FULL  CREDIT!!!!! 1: Given the following transactions answer the following questions: a.) Is MOH over or underapplied and by how much (you MUST show a t-account for credit): Carter purchased $1,000 of direct materials She purchased $3,000 of indirect materials Production called for $900 of DM Production called for $2,000 of indirect materials Paid the utilities of $10,000, 20% corporate, 80% factory Paid the factory assembly workers $20,000 (1,000 hours) Paid the accounting department $10,000 Paid the factory supervisors $19,000 Production called for another $200 of DM Paid the property taxes of $100,000, 50% factory, 50% corporate Production called for another $800 of indirect materials
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This note was uploaded on 07/02/2011 for the course ACCT 226 taught by Professor Smith during the Spring '10 term at South Carolina.

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Homework 1 - Homework #1 Accounting 226 NAME: _...

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