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Quiz 3 - she expects to use 300 gallons of water She has...

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Quiz #3 NAME: _______________________ Please write your letter answer to the LEFT of the question for credit. Each question is worth 1 point. 1: Luci had the following activities and costs associated w/ her business: Activity Estimated Cost Estimated Activity Set up $1,000,000 100,000 set ups Design $ 500,000 20,000 hours Packaging $2,500,000 250,000 boxes If her actual activity was: 2,000 set ups 4,000 design hours 235,000 boxes packaged B Her applied MOH would be closest to: a. $23,860 b. $2,470,000 c. $8,500,000 d. can’t tell 2: Luci also wants to find out how much of her water bill will be next month when
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Unformatted text preview: she expects to use 300 gallons of water. She has the following information from the last three months to help her: Usage Cost 200 gallons $300 C 150 gallons $250 400 gallons $500 Using the hi-lo method what should she expect her bill to be? a. $100 b. $200 c. $400 d. $500 3: Carter is currently selling her product for $150 and has a 30% contribution margin ratio. If she also has a total of $450,000 of fixed costs then her break even point in units is closest to: B a.4,286 b.10,000 c. $10,000 d.$4,286...
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