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1. Debt Ratio : Total Liabilities/ Total Assets. This tells us how much of a company’s assets are funded by debt rather than equity. 2. Current Ratio : Current Assets/ Current Liabilities. This is an important one and tells us how able a company is to meet its short term obligations or how liquid the company is. 3. Quick Ratio (acid test ): (cash + current investments + A/R)/current liabilities. Also a liquidity ratio that tells us how able to meet short term obligations is. 4. Return on Sales: Net Income/ Sales. This tells us how much of each dollar in revenue/ sales that we have goes to net income. For instance, if you have a Return on Sales of 20%, it means that for every dollar in sales, $.20 is left after expenses are paid. 5. Asset Turnover Ratio: Sales/ Total Assets. This tells us how well a company is utilizing the assets it has to generate revenue. 6. Return on Equity: Net Income/ Total Stockholder’s Equity. This tells investors how much, for each dollar they invest, income is earned. 7.
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