Final Exam Topics

Final Exam Topics - Know what accounts go on which...

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The equity section of the balance sheet upside down and backwards Journal entries to record stock transactions o Issue stock w/ and w/o par value o Repurchase our OWN stock o All dates for dividends o Reissuing treasury stock at above and below cost o Dividend payments for c/s, pf stock (both cumulative and not) All ratios and what they mean Transactions to purchase, resell and adjust to market for investments o Be clear where all gains, realized and not, go on the statements Statement of cash flow o Preparation of ALL sections including calculation of equipment purchases, depreciation and gains/losses o Where do changes/transaction appear e.g. which section Know what accounts are assets, liabilities and equity accounts o Be able to find missing amounts on the balance sheet
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Unformatted text preview: Know what accounts go on which statements e.g. expenses on the income statement, dividends on the statement of retained earnings Adjusting entries o Interest Expense o Unearned Revenue o Prepaid Expenses o Supplies Expense o Wage Expense Closing Entries Sales transactions w/ credit terms and subsequent cash collection Bank Reconciliation Bad Debt o Both methods to calculate bad debt expense o Write off entry o NRV Depreciation o Both methods to calculate depreciation expense o Book Value What your fearless leader thinks you should know for the final exam Perpetual and periodic COGS Inventory cost methods o LIFO o FIFO o Average Cost o Concepts of impact on net income Disposal of assets w/ a gain and a loss Goodwill calculation Basket Purchase cost allocation...
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Final Exam Topics - Know what accounts go on which...

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