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Jordan Poznick HRTM 110 Section 002 5 April 2011 Marketing Project The Mystique is a once in a life time adventure that will take you all around the Caribbean Sea, while also taking you all around the world while on her decks. This seven-day adventure will be awarded to the top eighteen to twenty-fourth year old candidates selected from all around the colleges of the United States. This will be a free seven-day cruise with every single amenity onboard prepaid for. All drinks, food, stores items, shore excursions, and shows will be given to every passenger free. The casino will even be giving out two hundred dollars’ worth of free chips to every person on board. The only expense that will be on the passengers will be any souvenir that they want to purchase while on one of the Island docked at for that day. Shore excursions do included all day drinking adventures, but any person that does not sign up for that type of excursion will have to pay on the Islands for alcoholic beverages. The Selection Process Each and every person that enters to win this extravagant adventure must submit a full self-evaluation. This evaluation will include: full name, self-picture, school attending, major and minor, GPA, scholarships and grants awarded, clubs and associations affiliated with, five hundred-word essay on why they should be picked, and a two-minute video of something that they feel will set them apart from the rest of the applicants. The selection will be chosen from a
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candidates will be selected to board our seven eight-story luxury cruise liner. The four hundred will be divided into a hundred and seventy-five guys and two-hundred twenty-five. Ports July 3, Sunday, day one, will be departure day. The Mystique will depart from Fort Lauderdale at approximately 5pm. Boarding will start at 1pm on July 3, 2011. July 4, Monday, day two, will be an at sea cruising day. July 5, Tuesday, day three, The Mystique will fall anchor off the shore of the private beaches of Labadee, Haiti. The time on the island will be from 8am to 5pm. This is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean that will be extended to our ship for this one time offer. July 6, Wednesday, day four, The Mystique will port at the beautiful Falmouth, Jamaica. We will hold port from 10pm until 6pm. July 7, Thursday, day five, will be an at sea cruising day. July 8, Friday, day six, The Mystique will port at the always wild and crazy Cozumel, Mexico. Port will be from 8am until 6pm. July 9, Saturday, day seven, will be an at sea cruising day back to the shores of the United States and the port at Fort Lauderdale. July 10, Sunday, The Mystique
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marketing project - Jordan Poznick HRTM 110 Section 002 5...

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