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MSOB Template Only

MSOB Template Only - FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME Street...

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FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME Street Address, City, State Zip Code +1 (803) 999-9999 Moore School email address OBJECTIVE A focused objective statement is absolutely necessary. Keep to one direct, concise line. EDUCATION MOORE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, University of South Carolina Columbia, SC USA Bachelor of Science, Business Administration Month Year Majors: (Enter your major(s) here) GPA: (if 3.5 or above) Awards: Academic awards in this section STUDY ABROAD Location EXPERIENCE INSERT COMPANY’S NAME (ALL CAPS not bolded) City, State and Country Title of the position (bold) Month year – Month year Insert the Job Scope Statement. This is a 1-2 sentence description of the role and scope of the position. This is basically your background information of what you did and where you did it. This should not be a list of duties, but more a description of the role of the position. Insert your accomplishment Statements (2 to 4). Keep to 1 line (concise, clear, direct).
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