Spring '11 final exam

Spring '11 final exam - Spring '11 Final Exam Dr. Laura...

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Spring ’11 Final Exam – Dr. Laura Lambdin Put all parts in a big yellow envelop and slide under my office door (150N) by noon on April 28 . Early exams are fine, but please don’t begin until you are certain of correct memo and business block letter forms. It has been such an interesting and action packed semester! I have enjoyed my time with you so much and hope that I have helped you begin or further a wonderful career that will make your Moore School Professors proud. Some of you have changed a whole lot from when we began in January, partially because of my nagging and partially because professional communication applies to most areas of life! Remember that we do not meet during the scheduled exam time because you have this take home final exam. I will not see you again in BA 204 after our Friends 4 Life Pact and Group Hug on Tuesday, April 19, but will remember you always; come see me anytime in my office. Just as with the rest of MGMT 250 course work, I try to make the final as helpful for your own personal career goals as possible. Exam Parts : 1. Big, unmarked, yellow envelope to put everything inside. I will give this to you. Please do not write on it so it can be reused next semester. Whenever you have the exam completed, put everything in the envelope and give it to your class assistant, or put it in the box outside of my office, or slide it under my office door (150N) 2. In a memo to me, write 4 interview questions that are
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This note was uploaded on 07/02/2011 for the course MGMT 250 taught by Professor Clippinger during the Spring '10 term at South Carolina.

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Spring '11 final exam - Spring '11 Final Exam Dr. Laura...

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