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Final Exam: Practice Questions 1) Complete the following reactions by providing the starting material, reagents or product as indicated by the box. If two steps are necessary, please make sure to indicate that these are separate steps. All conversions must have the full necessary reagents. Partial credit will not be given for partial reagents. B) A) C) D) E) F) G) HgSO 4 OMe OH H) Br HO H H 2 SO 4 /H 2 O Br H Br HO OH H (+ enantiomer) O 1) TsCl, Py 2) NaI HO D J) I) K) L) H + O) OH HO O Si M) N) P) SH Br 2 OH H + , H 2 O O O OH SOCl 2 , Py CHO S S (+ enantiomer) HO 10 V) Y) X) Q) O R) S) Br MgBr T) OH O O O U) O 2 radical init. O H 2 , Pd/C W) 1) HBr (excess) Li (2 equivalents) 2) OMe HgOAc H + , heat
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2) Please draw the product(s) of the reaction shown below. Make sure to show all major products (if more than one) and state the relationship between the products. Please be clear about stereochemistry. Draw a mechanism for product formation that clearly shows how each product is derived. 3) Please designate each stereocenter as R or S. Show how you arrived at this designation. Using Fischer projections, in the indicated spaces, draw the enantiomer of A and both diastereomers. 4) Write a balanced equation for the combustion of cyclopropane. a) Show how you would derive the heat of combustion using the table of BDE's provided. b) The heat of combustion derived in this manner is considerably different from what is actually measured. From what you know about cyclopropane, estimate the
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PracticeFinalExamquestions - Final Exam: Practice Questions...

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