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Exam 2 Review Sheet You are responsible for all of the material that we covered in lecture or were assigned to read in the text. All of the homework and review questions are fair game. Although we already covered stereochemistry , it will be helpful to go over this material, as several of the questions will require facility with stereochemistry and drawing and/or recognizing stereochemical relationships. Alkenes Identify cis/trans isomers and E/Z isomers Double bond geometry Nomenclature (there won’t be any nomenclature questions, but you may need to indentify compounds from their names)
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Unformatted text preview: Identify isoprene units in a complex molecule Relative stability of carbocations and carbocation rearrangements Carbocation structure Reactions and mechanisms Know the regiochemistry and stereochemistry of all transformations Addition of HX Addition of X 2 Hydration Addition of HO-X (halohydrin), RO-X , or RCOO-X (e.g. halolactonization) Oxymercuration Hydroboration Catalytic hydrogenation Heats of hydrogenation Osmylation Ozonolysis Epoxidation Oxidation/Reduction Recognize when an oxidation or reduction has occurred and identify the number of electrons involved....
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