ReviewSheet3 - N 1 and S N 2 b Kinetics c Stereochemistry d...

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Review Sheet - Exam 3 Spring 2011 TOPICS: 1. Radical reactions and mechanisms a. Radical structure and stability b. Radical chain reaction mechanisms (initiation, propagation, termination) c. Free radical halogenation (Hammond's Postulate) d. Allylic halogenation e. Addition of HBr to an olefin f. Autooxidation g. Ozone depletion h. Tin hydride reductions and addition of radicals to double bonds i. Synthesis of organometallic reagents Alkyl lithiums Grignard reagents Gilman reagents j. Reactions of organometallic reagents Deprotonation Substitution 2. Nucleophilic Substitution a. Mechanisms (S
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Unformatted text preview: N 1 and S N 2) b. Kinetics c. Stereochemistry d. Effect of nucleophile (trends and predictions) e. Effect of electrophile (steric and electronic effects, rearrangements) f. Solvent effects g. Neighboring group participation h. Synthesis and use of sulfonates 3. Elimination a. Mechanisms (E1 and E2) b. Kinetics c. Regiochemistry (Zaitsev) d. Stereochemistry (olefin geometry) 4. Reactions of alcohols a. Reactions with HX b. Reaction with PBr 3 c. Reaction with SOCl 2 d. Use of sulfonates for the synthesis of iodides...
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ReviewSheet3 - N 1 and S N 2 b Kinetics c Stereochemistry d...

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