ReviewSheetexam4 - (Autooxidation Sulfides – preparation...

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Review Sheet - Exam 4 S341 – Spring 2011 Know all mechanisms and understand regiochemical and stereochemical issues for all reactions. Reactions of Alcohols and Diols Oxidations (Cr reagents) Jones reagent, PDC Pinacol rearrangement Periodate oxidation of diols Preparation and Reactions of Thiols Preparation with NaSH or Na 2 S Oxidations Preparation and Reactions of Alkynes Preparation by dehydrohalogenation Alkylation of acetylides Reduction (catalytic, dissolving metal, hydroboration then acid) Hydroboration-oxidation (formation of aldehydes or ketones) Electrophilic addition (HX, Br 2 , hydration, mercuration) Ozonolysis Preparation of deuterated compounds using reaction c Preparation and Reactions of Ethers and sulfides Preparations – Williamson ether synthesis; Acid-catalyzed addition of alcohols to olefins; Alkoxymercuration; dehydration of symmetrical primary alcohols Reactions – Cleavage with HX
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Unformatted text preview: (Autooxidation) Sulfides – preparation and oxidation (sulfoxides and sulfones) Protecting Groups – know the conditions for formation and removal of the following protecting groups: t-butyl ethers, THP ethers, benzyl ethers, trityl ethers, silyl ethers Preparation and Reactions of Epoxides Preparations – Using peracids, From halohydrins. Stereoelectronic effects. Reactions – Nucleophilic ring opening; Acid-catalyzed ring opening Regiochemical and stereoelectronic effects Organic synthesis Multi-step sequences C-C bond forming reactions Functional group transformations and equivalencies Use of protecting groups Arenes Aromaticity and aromatic stabilization- structural requirements Polycyclic aromatics. Heterocyclic aromatics 4n+2 Rule Predicting aromatic vs. antiaromatic structures Basic Frost Diagrams...
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ReviewSheetexam4 - (Autooxidation Sulfides – preparation...

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