jaramillo2.2 - WORD 2OO7: Document Formatting, Letters,...

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Juan Jaramillo Vishak Sivakumar Jaramillo@ufl.edu Local Address Permanent Address 18021202 Rawlings Hall 747 Westfield ct. Gainesville, FL 32612 Dunedin, FL 34698 (727)804-7549 (727)734-8232 EXPERIENCE: Senior Project Manager December 20 to present Wish Upon A Star Telescopes, Inc., AnyCity, AM -Responsible for the analysis, management, maintenance and presentation of the firm’s data. COMPUTER SKILLS: Downloading, Creating, Organizing, Ana1yzing, Administrating, and Systematizing Files.  Computer Concepts and Configuration. WIND0WS XP : Managing Files, Customization, Searches, Graphics, and Standard  Programs.  Microsoft OFFICE SUITE 2OO7:
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Unformatted text preview: WORD 2OO7: Document Formatting, Letters, Rsums, Tables, Flyers, Mail Merge and Macros. Object Link Embedding. EXCEL 2OO7 : Spreadsheets Analysis, Formulas, Boolean Logic, and Graphs, Database Management, Functions, Macros, and customization. POWERP0INT 2OO7: Professiona1 Presentations. INTERNET: Internet Explorer, other Browsers, Wor1d Wide Web, Database Searches, Ethics, Security, E-Mail, Unzip, Anti-Virus Downloads and Data files, Privacy, and Changing Technologies. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: ,...
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This note was uploaded on 07/06/2011 for the course CGS 1055 taught by Professor Magnusson during the Spring '08 term at University of Florida.

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jaramillo2.2 - WORD 2OO7: Document Formatting, Letters,...

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