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Juan Jaramillo Vishak Sivakumar [email protected] MEMO To: Vishak Sivakumar From: Juan Jaramillo Re: Table Sort Clients City State Package Quantity Price Due Date Sharper Image Atlanta GA Select 6 198.00 Marc. 15 Look to the Stars Chicago IL Select 9 198.00 Feb. 20 Astros’s Depot Chicago IL Select 8 198.00 Feb. 28 Omega Supplies New York
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Unformatted text preview: NY Premium 9 245.00 Feb. 10 Heavens & Co Atlanta GA Premium 10 245.00 Mar. 18 Halley’s Emporium Atlanta GA Premium 11 245.00 Mar. 22 Paradisio Palace New York NY Platinum 7 315.00 Apr. 12 Star Bright, Inc Chicago IL Platinum 8 315.00 Apr. 22 ;kl’lkjl...
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