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Telescope Bibliography: Juan Jaramillo 2/25/2008 Casertano, Stefano, Planets to Cosmology, Space Telescope Science Institute, Cambridge University Press, Massachusetts, 2002. Covington, Michael A ., How to Use a Computerized Telescope: Practical Amateur Astronomy Volume 1, Cambridge University Press, Massachusetts, 2003. Harrington, Phillip S., Telescopes and Accessories , Jossey-Bass, Illinois, 2005 JUAN JARAMILLO , King, Henry C., The History of Telescope, Dover Publishing, New Hampshire, 2007. Kailash, Sahu, Livio, Mario, editor, Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts, Space Telescope Science
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Unformatted text preview: Institute Symposium, Cambridge University Press, Massachusetts, 2001. Kitchin, Chris, Telescopes and Techniques: an Introduction to Practical Astronomy (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) ,Springer Publishing, New York,2003. Mobberley, Martin, Astronomical Equipment for Amateurs (Practical Astronomy) , Springer, 1998. Moore, Patrick, Guide to the Night Sky: A Guided Tour of the Stars and Constellations, Oxford Press, England,1999. Scagell, Robin, Philip's Stargazing with a Telescope, Oxford Press, England,1999. Schroeder, Daniel J., Astronomical Optics, 2nd Edition, Academic Press, New York, 2000. Juan Jaramillo 2/25/2008 9:38 AM...
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