Jaramillo3.6 - =IF(H44=B36"JAN",IF(H44=C36"FEB",IF(H44=D36"MAR",IF(H44=E

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Juan Jaramillo Vishak Sivakamur Period #5 Tutorial #3 FORMULAS TO CALCULATE 6 IF STATEMENTS – Copies from  Excel’s formula bar. Minimum:  =IF(H43=B36,"JAN",IF(H43=C36,"FEB",IF(H43=D36,"MAR",IF(H43=E 36,"APR",IF(H43=F36,"MAY",IF(H43=G36,"JUN")))))) Maximum: 
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Unformatted text preview: =IF(H44=B36,"JAN",IF(H44=C36,"FEB",IF(H44=D36,"MAR",IF(H44=E 36,"APR",IF(H44=F36,"MAY",IF(H44=G36,"JUN")))))) ANOTHER FORMULA TO CALCULATE: After Tax/Fee Income: =B23-(B18+B19+B20 ORIGINAL FORMULA CALCULATED 3/30/2008 6:15 PM jaramillo3.6.docx...
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