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Answers - and solid An 65(solid and An 38(liquid(5 Assume...

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Assume you have a melt with a composition of An50 and it crystallizes at equilibrium between the melt and the crystals. Use figure 5.10 in your book. (1) At what temperature will the first crystal form? ~1075º (2) What is the composition of the first crystals? AN 75 (3) What is the temperature when the melt completely solidifies? 950º (4) What is the composition of the solid after it solidifies completely? An 50 (4) What are the compositions of the solid and melt when there are equal amounts of melt
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Unformatted text preview: and solid? An 65 (solid) and An 38 (liquid) (5) Assume that half of the melt crystallizes and then the volcano erupts so that the crystals are embedded in a glass matrix. What is the composition of the crystals? What is the composition of the glass? An65 (Crystals), Glass = Na 0.62 Ca 0.38 Al 1.38 Si 2.62 O 8 (note: this is not a crystal, so you should not use the An xx notation)....
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